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Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance. You and your team at A1 Term Insurance Company have been wonderful to work with. Most agents wouldn’t answer a phone call on a beautiful Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend to add a vehicle to a client’s policy. You did and it made our recent vehicle purchase quick, easy, and it saved me a trip back to the dealer. Not only do I get great service with you and your company but I also get a great policy at a great price. How do I know it’s a great policy? I know because you and I walked through each of the points to ensure that I had adequate coverage. How do I know it’s a great price? I know because I’m paying less on newer vehicles than I did for older vehicles on our old insurance. I always liked your BNI tag line “A1 Term Insurance Company, where it’s not just a piece of paper, it’s piece of mind” but now I can truly say I get it.

James Crook

A1 Term set us up with liability and Workers Comp coverage that exceeded our prior coverage and saved us a few bucks at the same time. Good stuff.

Maria Hathaway

I’ve been a client at A1 Term Insurance Company for many years. I appreciate the courtesy from the staff and A1 Terms’ philosophy. I’ve been a client with A1 Term Insurance Company for more than 40 years. Thank you for a job well done.

Nichole Gary

“I hold A1 Term Insurance Agency in the highest regard as far as customer service goes. You folks are top notch. Whether by phone or email, I get the information and answers I need in a prompt and courteous manner. Thanks again!

Mark Silver

Hank is highly committed to his profession, his community and his faith. He has an outstanding work ethic and his moral standards are of the highest caliber. I would recommend Hank to anyone without hesitation or reservation.

Rita Ashbrook